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Tuition Rate

Tuition Rate

The below rate serve as a guideline only in KL & Klang Valley. Actual fees may be different according to parent's requirement and the travel distance involved.

Rate per hour
Std 1-3
35 - 40
Std 4-6
35 - 40
Form 1-2
35 - 40
Form 3
35 - 40
Form 4
45 - 50
Form 5
45 - 50

How to calculate the monthly fees?

  The monthly tuition fees are calculated on 4-weeks basis.
  For example, if the tuition teacher charges Rm30 per hour; and you choose to have classes twice a week; 1.5 hours for each class, the monthly tuition fees should be RM 360:
per Hour
per Week
Monthly Rate
2 classes
per week
1.5 hour
per class
30 x 2 x 1.5 = 90
90 x 4 = 360
The number of tuition subjects do not change the tuition fees. The tuition fees stay the same.

  Tuition Fees Calculator

/ Week
/ Hour
Market Rate
Weekly Fees
Monthly Fees
(based on 4 Weeks)

Why is the price varied?


Because different tutors offer different tuition rates according to


•  Their travel distance from their place to your house
•  Their experience
•  Their qualification


Therefore, the rates above only serve as guidelines. Home Tuition Care plays no part in determining the rates. It's the tutor who offer the rate.



The fees are out of my budget
We suggest you to find 1 or 2 students to join the tuition class and share the tuition fees. Please contact us for further details and we have various suggestions to suit all your budgets.

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