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Home Tuition Teacher's Profile
: 10710  
Age : 50  
: Female  
: Malay  
Staying Location : Kota Bharu
Marital Status : Married
Transportation : Yes
Qualification and Experience
University/College/Institution : UNIVERSITI KEBANGSAAN MALAYSIA
Current Occupation * : Tuition Centre Teacher   Part-Time Tutor. Full time job:Freelance English Tutor
No. of years of experience
Name of school, tuition centre, or institution
Kolej Poly-Tech Mara Kota Bharu
Tuition Center Teacher
Pusat Tuisyen KAMI, Kota Bharu
Part-Time Tutor
Cambridge Language Centre
Language Preferred in * Conducting Class : English   Malay   
Standard 1-6 (UPSR) * English   Science  
Form 1-3 (PMR) * English  
Form 4-5 (SPM) * English  
STPM *   
O Level/ IGCSE * English  
A Level/ Pre-University * English  
Non-Academic Subjects * Adult English  
Additional Subjects MUET
Available Tuition Time
Monday * : Evening (6pm-10pm)  
Tuesday * : Evening (6pm-10pm)   
Wednesday * : Evening (6pm-10pm)   
Thursday * : Evening (6pm-10pm)   
Friday * : Afternoon (2pm-6pm)   
Saturday * : Afternoon (2pm-6pm)   
Sunday * : Evening (6pm-10pm)   
Travel Area
Self Description I have been teaching English Language for 13 years and within this long years of experience I'm indeed confident with my ability to guide students to be excellent in English especially in exams and also in upgrading students'communicative proficiency.Furthermore I possess qualified degree in English where parents do not have to worry of getting a disqualified teacher teaching wrong English for their children.Within 13 years of teaching experience I have taught mix abilities of students ranging from good to poor user of English.Gratefully with the knowledge I possess added by correct technique of teaching, the students are still well monitored. Good and correct teaching method is my strength and also the key of my success in teaching English as students always find my class lively and interesting. In order to help the poor students to perform better I always give extra attention to them and provide them with more exercises without neglegting the good students.Normally the good students are given tougher exercises for not letting them get bored.My wide experience in language teaching also heips me a lot in tackling students' weaknesses in learning English.Majority of students are weak in writing and obtain big problems in grammatical aspect and vocabulary.So as an experienced teacher I am well aware of these matters and will use my own method to reduce these problems.
Proven Track Record So far I have helped many students to improve their English and obtain good result in exam.Many of my students score well in PMR and SPM and some of them are now doing their matriculation and 6 of them are now furthering studies in Russia learning medical studies.
Achievement Ater all, with my qualification and experience that I possess I am fully confident to serve to my fullest for the success of students
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