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What is the coverage of your license application service?
Our license application service is currently available for centres located in KL & Selangor.

What are the license applications available?
We cover most types of educational license application, i.e. Tuition Centre, Kindergarten, Day Care Centre, Taska & etc.
Our service includes registration and formation of business in ROB, Bandaraya, MOE ( Ministry of Education) , Fire Department ( Bomba ) , Township Planning Unit ( Jabatan Perancang ) , and etc.
Apart from the above, we offer related legal service, i.e. Partnership Agreement, Business Sale & Purchase Agreement, and etc.

What is the minimum requirement to become to own an educational license?
Generally there’s no strict and high academic requirement placed on the owner. The minimum acedemic qualification is SPM, while higher qualification is an advantage.

What sort of premise is allowed for the aforementioned centre setup?
Tuition Centre: Shoplot ( Residential House is prohibited )
Kindergarten: Corner unit of linked house, Semi-D, Bungalow, or Shoplot (at least 2 units)
Day Care Centre & Taska: Corner unit of linked house, Semi-D, Bungalow
Emergency exit shall be available at your premise unless exemption from Fire Department is granted at it's discretion.

I am planning to own a centre, what should I do now?
1) Form your business plan , taking into account of your capital, location, competition, & marketing strategy.
2) Contact Us to obtain more information in the license application.

I am operating a centre now without valid license, what should I do now?
Contact Us immediately to proceed with the license application.


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