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Home Tuition Teacher's Profile
: 41919  
Age : 42  
: Male  
: Chinese  
Staying Location : Seremban, Malaysia
Marital Status : Married
Transportation : Yes
Qualification and Experience
: MDiv, BA (Hons) Psych
University/College/Institution : Seminari Teoloji Malaysia, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Course : Divinity (Christianity), Psychology (Counselling)
Current Occupation * : Part-Time Tutor. Full time job:Transcriber
No. of years of experience
Name of school, tuition centre, or institution
Methodist College Kuala Lumpur
Secondary School Teacher
Wesley Methodist Secondary School, Seremban
Language Preferred in * Conducting Class : English   Malay   
Standard 1-6 (UPSR) * BM   English   Mathematics    Science  
Form 1-3 (PMR) * BM   English   Mathematics   Science   Geography  
Form 4-5 (SPM) * English   Mathematics  
O Level/ IGCSE * English   Mathematics  
Non-Academic Subjects * Piano   Guitar   Adult English  
Additional Subjects Koine Greek, Bible Knowledge, Debating, Public Speaking
Available Tuition Time
Monday * : Morning (8am-2pm)    Afternoon (2pm-6pm)   
Tuesday * : Morning (8am-2pm)    Afternoon (2pm-6pm)   
Wednesday * : Morning (8am-2pm)    Afternoon (2pm-6pm)   
Thursday * : Morning (8am-2pm)    Afternoon (2pm-6pm) 
Friday * : Morning (8am-2pm)    Afternoon (2pm-6pm)   
Saturday * : Morning (8am-2pm)    Afternoon (2pm-6pm)   
Travel Area
 Seri Kembangan   Serdang  Kajang    Bangi  
"You can do it! =)"
Self Description
            Greetings! When I was a teen, I studied in ACS Sitiawan. I scored 8A1s, 1A2, and 1C5 in SPM; and 1A, 2Bs and 1D in STPM. I also represented ACS in English Language Debates up to the state level. I studied Psychology in UKM and hold a Masters of Divinity from Seminari Teoloji Malaysia. My work experience: I've taught PJ and Moral as a temporary secondary school teacher (2 months), taught Child Development at MCKL to adult students (8 months), worked as a youth ministry field staff in Scripture Union, which included speaking and teaching at Christian Fellowship meetings and Camps (4 years), and taught Bible Knowledge as a part-time teacher at Wesley Methodist School Seremban. I am able to break down difficult, complex concepts into simpler, easier-to-understand components so that students can grasp them. I can explain things from first principles so that students understand what they are learning rather than just memorising facts. when memorisation is required, I can use mnemonic techniques to help students remember. I can formulate creative approaches to subjects to pique students' interest in learning and help them to apply what they have learnt to daily life so that they can see that the knowledge is useful and relevant. i can impart not just knowledge and facts to students, but problem-solving and critical thinking skills that will benefit them for years to come. I am willing to work with any child or teen and will help them excel to be the best that they can be.
Proven Track Record
           UPSR: 3As PMR: 7As SPM: 8A1s, 1A2, 1C5 STPM: 1A, 2Bs, 1D (MUET: Band 5) Degree: BA(Hons) Psychology (Counselling) Masters: MDiv
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