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Home Tuition Teacher's Profile
: 2287  
Age : 35  
: Male  
: Malay  
Staying Location : KAJANG, Malaysia
Marital Status :
Transportation :
Qualification and Experience
: Diploma
University/College/Institution : KUITTHO
Course : Dip. Kej. Elektrik Serta Pendidikan
Current Occupation * : Undergraduate  
: No Experience    
Language Preferred in * Conducting Class : English   Malay   
Standard 1-6 (UPSR) * BM   Mathematics    Science  
Form 1-3 (PMR) * BM   Mathematics   Science   History  
Additional Subjects Pengajian Kejuruteraan Elektrik Tingkatan 4 & 5
Available Tuition Time
Monday * : Morning (8am-2pm)    Afternoon (2pm-6pm)    Evening (6pm-10pm)  
Tuesday * : Morning (8am-2pm)    Afternoon (2pm-6pm)    Evening (6pm-10pm)   
Wednesday * : Morning (8am-2pm)    Afternoon (2pm-6pm)    Evening (6pm-10pm)   
Thursday * : Morning (8am-2pm)    Afternoon (2pm-6pm)  Evening (6pm-10pm)   
Friday * : Morning (8am-2pm)    Afternoon (2pm-6pm)    Evening (6pm-10pm)   
Saturday * : Morning (8am-2pm)    Afternoon (2pm-6pm)    Evening (6pm-10pm)   
Sunday * : Morning (8am-2pm)    Afternoon (2pm-6pm)    Evening (6pm-10pm)   
Travel Area
Kajang    Bangi  
"Educate Our Young Generation For The Future"
Self Description
            - Using the latest and up to date references - Education that focus and concentrate to the highly training and understanding
Proven Track Record
           3.07 CGPA in Diploma
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