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Home Tuition Teacher's Profile
: 24678  
Age : 29  
: Female  
: Chinese  
Staying Location : Menglembu, Malaysia
Marital Status : Single
Transportation : Yes
Qualification and Experience
: Bachelor In English (On-going)/STPM
University/College/Institution : University Darul Iman Malaysia
Course : Bachelor In English
Current Occupation * : Undergraduate  
No. of years of experience
Name of school, tuition centre, or institution
Part-Time Tutor
Golden Star Tuition Centre,Home Tuition
Language Preferred in * Conducting Class : Chinese   English   Malay   
Standard 1-6 (UPSR) * English   Chinese  
Form 1-3 (PMR) * English   Chinese  
Form 4-5 (SPM) * English  
STPM *   
Non-Academic Subjects * Basic IT   Drawing  
Available Tuition Time
Monday * : Afternoon (2pm-6pm)   
Tuesday * : Afternoon (2pm-6pm)   
Wednesday * : Afternoon (2pm-6pm)   
Thursday * : Afternoon (2pm-6pm) 
Friday * : Afternoon (2pm-6pm)   
Travel Area
"Embracing Knowledge and "
Self Description
            I am undergraduate student in degree of English,major in English and minor in communication.I as a Mandarin and English tutor in a tuition center after I graduate from Form 6.And I also work as a part-time home tuition teacher before I enter university.My teaching method is very simple,I will try my best to let my student attends my class happily and willing do my work,because I believe that the student can't get the knowledge if I force them to study,so I will try to understand their interested and uninterested field and stress on it.For example,now days Mandarin grows up and as important as English in international level,so many non-Chinese parents would like to send their children to Chinese vernacular school to learn Mandarin.But this will make the children lost their interested to Mandarin,because many of school only will teach the students to learn whatever come out in test or exam,then they will hate the subject until may be will fail in the subject.So,I will let them love the subject they lost interested with my skills.This is same with the situation of learning English for many students in primary and secondary school.Remember,your children only will happy when they like the subject which they are learning,when they like the subject,get A in exam isn't a big problem.Let them fly with Mandarin and English,start now..
Proven Track Record
            I help my student to make improvement in the subject that I teach,Mandarin and English,from grade D to C,from grade C to B,from grade B to A if the student follow my ways.
           Bachelor in English 2009 - now University Darul Iman Malaysia Terengganu Semester 1 CGPA: 3.27 Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia 2007 - 2008 Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seri Keledang Perak Achieve: 2.67 MUET: Band 4 Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia 2005 - 2006 Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seri Keledang Perak Achieve: 3 A, 7 B, and 2 C Mandarin: A English:B Penilaian Menengah Rendah 2002 - 2004 Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seri Keledang Perak Achieve: 4 A, 4 B Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah 1996 - 2001 Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina Wan Hwa No 1 Perak Achieve: 4 A, 3 B
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